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    • The Best Paint Colors to Freshen Up Your Bathroom

      2 December 2022

      Your bathroom is likely the last place on your list to decorate. With a solidified floor plan and often a small amount of space, it can feel like there is not much to add to a bathroom. However, this can mean that they benefit the most from simple changes. A fresh coat of paint can transform a bathroom, and these colors are the ideal choices to freshen up your space.

      Light Gray
      If white seems to make your bathroom feel too sterile, add a little warmth while keeping it neutral with a light gray. The perfect base color for any decor scheme, light gray will allow you to keep changing up your bathroom accessories without feeling the need to repaint. This makes it the perfect color for anyone who quickly tires of their decor.

      Traditional purple takes on a luxurious feel with a dark eggplant hue. Take a page from your favorite five-star hotel and opt for a very modern and bold color scheme. To keep a small bathroom from feeling smaller, consider utilizing an accent wall or color block and paint the bottom half with your deeper color. If you decide to do this, pair your eggplant with light cream or light gray to keep the eggplant hue the star of the show.

      Green may feel like a bold and unusual color for a bathroom, but you’ll likely fall in love. When used as an accent color through color blocking and paired with indoor foliage, it can give your bathroom a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere. Get ready for each and every day with new zest as you are energized by this striking color scheme.

      Dusty Mauve or Lilac
      If bold colors don’t match your style, but neutrals feel a little too boring, consider a light color, like a dusty mauve or lilac. Opt for a shade with more gray undertones to keep it feeling more neutral, or choose a deeper mauve to offer more grounding and strength to your decor scheme. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the calming quality this color evokes.

      There is a reason navy is a favorite color of amateur and professional decorators alike. This rich color offers a striking take on traditionally light blue bathrooms. Give your bathroom a sense of luxury and warmth by pairing navy with charcoal grays and bronze or gold fixtures. Alternatively, play up the crisp feel of this color by pairing it with a bright white for a high contrast look.

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    • 4 Reward Ideas to Help Achieve Your Fitness Goals

      2 December 2022

      Whether you choose to reward yourself based on a weight loss number, a certain strength goal or simply want to reward yourself after you’ve reached a specific number of workouts in a row, there are a lot of ways you can choose to make pursuing your fitness goals more fun. The key is to find rewards that are fun to receive, but won’t set you back on your goals. These reward ideas are perfect for everyone striving to get healthier.

      Athletic Shoes
      A good pair of athletic shoes can help you get the most of your workout while preventing injury. Whether your workout involves running, walking, sports, weight training or dancing, there are likely some ideal shoes that will support your training goals. If you are unsure what to get or want to ensure proper sizing, consider setting a reward to purchase athletic shoes in-person from a shoe store where an employee can offer recommendations and proper sizing.

      Massage Gun
      If foam rolling is helpful to you after a strenuous workout, but you’re tired of the time it takes after each session, this reward is for you. A massage gun specifically designed to help alleviate muscle tension after workouts can be an excellent fitness reward. This item can be a splurge, but after using it a few times, you won’t regret saving up for it.

      New Workout Accessory
      If you intend to set incremental goals, inexpensive small rewards are ideal. New workout accessories can be the perfect option for these situations. Water bottles, brand-name athletic socks or scrunchies, trendy patterned workout bands and even a higher-end jump rope can all serve to make your next workout more exciting.

      Boutique Class Pass
      If there is a sport or activity you’ve been dying to try, a boutique class pass can be an excellent reward idea. Keep yourself on track by sticking to a particular program and once you’ve achieved a fitness goal, reward yourself with a little change-up from your normal fitness routine. Spin classes, rock climbing sessions and other boutique classes can be a great way to break up a monotonous fitness routine.

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    • 5 Ideas to Help You Read More Books

      2 December 2022

      We all know reading has many benefits. From helping you relax without a screen at the end of the day, to simply offering a doorway to new ideas and creative respite, there’s a reason many people set a goal to read more books. If you have found that you’d love to read more, but have yet to get around to it, these ideas may give you the jumpstart you need.

      Join a Book Swap Group
      Reading the latest and greatest books on your list can become cost-prohibitive. If your local library doesn’t have all the new releases on your list, that doesn’t mean you’re forced to pay full price. Join a book swap group where you can share your past reads and get new ones for free or at a reduced price.

      Opt for Audio
      If you can’t seem to find the time you need to sit down with a good book, you may benefit from thinking outside the box. Opting for an audiobook can be the perfect way to enjoy all the books on your to-be-read list while you are conducting your normal daily activities. Audiobooks make it easy to get through your reads while doing the dishes, during your workouts and during your daily commute. Plus, when you have a moment to sit down with a physical copy or an ebook, you can always use your audiobook and read along.

      Look for “Little Free Libraries” in Your Town
      Your city may have “Little Free Libraries” throughout the area. These mailbox-like book-sharing boxes provide a free venue for anyone to exchange a book for another of their choosing. You may find a gem you’d otherwise not come across, and you may be inspired to donate any books you have piling up so that others can enjoy them. Don’t have a Little Free Library in your area? Consider making your own and registering so everyone can benefit from the free book exchange.

      Use Your Library Card
      You already know your local library has books, what you may not realize is that you can access ebooks and audiobooks with your library card, as well. Ask your local library or use an online or mobile app, like Libby. Simply sync your library card and you’ll have access to a whole new way to read without even leaving your house.

      Start a Book Club or Reading Challenge
      Sometimes all it takes to get started is a little extra accountability. Start a book club or begin a reading challenge with friends. Encourage each other to read and share insight or recommendations. With the power of technology, you don’t even have to be living in the same area. Simply meet online using webcams or share info via a social media group.

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    • How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

      1 December 2022

      Caring for an infant can be exhausting, especially if the baby wakes up soon after falling asleep and you can’t get more than a couple of hours of sleep at a time. Here are some important things you should know about an infant’s sleeping habits and tips to help your baby sleep through the night so you can get some rest, too.

      Understand Your Infant’s Needs
      For young babies, eating is more important than sleeping, regardless of the time of day. During the first couple of months, it’s normal for an infant to wake up several times during the night to eat.

      After three to six months, your baby may sleep for longer periods of time. When your infant begins to realize that you will leave the room at bedtime, the baby may cry so you won’t leave. That’s a normal part of an infant’s development.

      Keep Things Consistent 
      Following a routine can help your infant understand the difference between day and night, and get them on a sleep schedule. The sooner you start, the better. The most important thing is to keep the routine consistent and to do the same activities, in the same order, every day.

      Keeping your baby active during the day will make the infant tired in the evening. As bedtime approaches, switch to calmer, quieter activities that promote relaxation, such as giving your baby a bath and looking at a book together. 

      The last activity should take place in the nursery and should be something that your baby enjoys. That will help your infant associate the nursery and bedtime with positive feelings. 

      An infant who is overtired may have trouble falling asleep. If your baby has a hard time dozing off, try making bedtime earlier. 

      Waking up and finding the room different can be unsettling for an infant.  Don’t adjust the lighting after your baby goes to bed. 

      Overstimulation can make it hard for a baby to fall asleep again. If you have to feed or change the baby during the night, keep the lighting the same as it was when the infant was sleeping and talk as little as possible. 

      Teach Your Baby How to Self-Soothe and Fall Asleep 
      You can soothe your infant with cuddling or rocking, but babies also have to learn how to soothe themselves. At 6 to 12 weeks old, start putting the baby to bed while drowsy, but not quite asleep. 

      You may want to try the Ferber Method starting at the age of 5 or 6 months. Put your baby to bed drowsy, but awake, and leave the room. If the baby cries, wait a few minutes before you return. Console, but don’t pick up, the infant. Only stay for a few minutes, even if the baby is still crying. 

      If the baby keeps crying after you leave, return to the room, but wait longer. This process can be stressful, but parents often find that their babies begin to sleep better within a week.

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    • 7 Ways to Save on Energy Bills This Winter

      1 December 2022

      Nobody needs to tell you that prices on just about everything are on the rise - and with the cold weather season upon us, it’s a good time to consider the best ways to keep energy bills under control. The U.S. Energy Information Administration provides timely tips to help you do that.

      • Get a Furnace Tune-Up - Heating your home is typically your largest energy expense. Have a furnace pro check your system to ensure it is operating efficiently. They will clean and test your heating equipment, inspect for corrosion or parts that need replacement—and remind you how often to change your furnace filter to keep it operating efficiently.
      • Get a Utility Check-Up - Free home energy audits by your utility company are available to homeowners. They can identify issues that affect energy usage, such as leaky faucets, gaps and cracks, inefficient light bulbs and older shower heads. 
      • Seal the Gaps - All the tiny cracks and gaps in a typical home can cause the same loss of energy and comfort as leaving a window open year-round. Use caulk or weatherstripping around doors and window frames, and make sure your walls, attic, basement and crawl spaces are insulated.
      • Re-Think the Temperature - You can save up to three percent on your bill for each degree you lower your thermostat. Try reducing the temperature one degree every few days to find a level you’re comfortable with.  
      • Reset the Hot Water Heater - In many homes, it’s the second-largest use of energy. Setting your water heater to about 120 degrees will yield about 10% in savings on your energy bills.
      • Run Full Loads Only - Running the dishwasher or washing machine only with a full load will cut down on energy use, and use the cold setting on your washing machine. It’s just as effective as warm water with today’s detergents.
      • Let the Sun Shine - Open your shades or blinds during the day to capture the sun’s rays. At night, close all window coverings to trap in the heat.

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